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The Story of The Stones.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

William de Twiste STONE
Born - Abt 1500 Twiston, Lancashire, England.
Note - William Stone de Twiste, Country Squire, lord over precious English land. Little is known further than he was first noted in the quaint Parish de Twiston, Lancashire, a few miles from the border of Yorkshire; that he lived there with his wife Elizabeth, and raised his sons and daughters there. While the record is meager, it can be rightfully claimed that he enjoyed a respectable position among the landed gentry, as only the most prominent families are mentioned in the earliest genealogical records in England which begin at the close of the 15th Century, in which he is named.
1. THE STONES OF SURREY by Charles H. Stone, p.17.
2. VISITATION OF LONDON 1633 (British Museum), Harley Manuscripts #1476.
3. VISITATION OF CHESHIRE 1591 (British Museum), Harley Manuscripts #2119.
Spouse - Elizabeth BRADLEY
Born - England
Died - England
Buried - England
Daughter of John BRADLEY & Mrs. John BRADLEY

Sir Richard STONE
Born - Abt 1540 Twiston Parish, Lancashire, England.
Note - Richard de Croston, s/o William & Elizabeth of Twiston, resided with his wife, Isabel, in Croston, Lancashire, England, where their children were born. Their marriage is recorded in Latin on the old Parchment Parish Register. In 1614, at the "Visitation", the Arms which was granted in 1515, was confirmed to Sir Richard Stone, Knight. An official of the college of Arms examined the rights of english subjects to qualify for arms. The manuscript was kept in the British Museum; and was finally printed in 1883 by Harleian Society.
1. THE STONES OF SURREY by Chrles Haygood Stone.
2. British Museum Manuscripts, "Visitations of London".
3. Croston, Lancashire Parish Register, 1572.
4. THE STONES OF POYNTON MANOR by Harry Wright Newman.
Spouse - Isabel GIRDLER
Born - CarrHouse Parish, Yorkshire, West Riding Dorcast, England
Married - 12 January 1572, Doncaster, Yorkshire, England
Died - England
Buried - England
Daughter of John GIRDLER & Mrs. John GIRDLER

Capt. John STONE
Born -1575 Northamptonshire, England. Died - 1633.
Note - John is named by some researchers, through tradition, as the father of Governor William Stone. However, more reliable evidence points to John's brother, Matthew Stone as the father of Gov. Wm. Stone, mainly because if John had a son named William, he surely would have been listed on the Visitation Record, which he wasn't. On the other hand, his brother, Matthew, did have a son named William. John was a benefactor of the Church in the Parish of Much Hoole, according to Baine's HISTORY OF LANCASTER. He was Master of Carr House in the Township of Hoole. Captain John, a colorful character, was an English trader, who along with several companions, was killed by the Pequot Indians while returning to Virginia. He had an estate on Hungars Creek in Northamption County.
1. Harley Manuscript #6164 "Visitation of Sussex 1633".
2. Parish Records Bridgewater, Diocese of wells, Somerset, England.
Spouse - Unknown
Married - England

George STONE
Born - Abt 1580 London, England.
Note - The founder of the Stone name in Virginia was George Stone, born 1597, in London, England, a wealthy banker and stockholder of the Virginia land Company of London, formed to settle colonies in Virginia, and a cousin of Governor William Stone of Maryland. He came to Jamestown in 1620 as a colonizer. Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in America was established 14 May 1607 by the London Company. By 1616 a colonist in Virginia was entitled to 100 acres provided he paid his own passage and had been a resident in the Colony for three years. On 18 November 1618 Charles City, Henrico, James City and Elizabeth City were each assigned 3000 acres of land. The Names of the Adventurers for 22 June 1620 included George Stone who had invested L12 10s, paid to Sir Smith, Knight, Treasurer of the company for Virginia.
1. THE NOWLIN-STONE GENEALOGY by James Edmund Nowlin.
3. THE HISTORY OF NORTH CAROLINA, Vol. IV, North Carolina Biography.
Spouse - Mary VERNON
Born - Haslington, England
Died - Rappahannock, Virginia
Buried - Virginia
Daughter of George Vernon & Alice Booth Vernon

Colonel John STONE
Born - Abt 1610 Died - June 1699 Richmond County, Virginia.
Note - There was living in "old" Rappahannock, Col. John Stone, who was prominent in its affairs from 1672 until about 1691-2. He married Sarah Walker, widow of John Walker, and when he died left only one child, a daughter Anne. Col. John Stone was Sheriff of Richmond County in 1692. In 1692 Col. John Stone administered the oath of office of Justice of the Peace of Richmond County to Thomas Glascock. At the same time Col. John Stone was sworn in as Justice of the Peace and also as Sheriff of Richmond County.
1. 1692 May 12, Col. John Stone administered the oath of office of Justice of Peace of Richmond County, Virginia to Thomas Glascock (husband of Sarah Stone). At this same time Col. John Stone was sworn in as Justice of the Peace and Sheriff.. [given the age (about 80) of Col. John Stone, perhaps this referred to his son, John Stone.]
2. 1699 June 7, p. 291, Will of Col. John Stone, presented by Mrs. Anne Metcalfe, who was also granted admin. of the estate of her deceased husband, Mr. Richard Metcalfe. His Will, now missing, was probated on 3 November 1698 by Elias Watson and Thomas Lawson in Richmond County. His executors were: Anne Metcalfe (daughter), Richard Metcalfe (son-in-law), Henry Fleet (step-son), and Edwin Conway (his step-son-in-law).
Spouse - Sarah WALKER
Born - Abt 1615 in Virginia
Widow of John Walker

William STONE
Born - 1645 Caroline County, Virginia Died - 1705 North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia.
Note - 20 October 1672, William Stone bought of Giles Cale 200 acres of land. This is the earliest record of him in "old" Rappahannock County. Later he purchased various other tracts of land, until he owned over one thousand acres. His will is dated 1704. He left a wife Sarah and five living children - one daughter had died earlier. He died about 1710-1711 as appears from the court records. The widow lived about twenty years after William Stone's death. William and Sarah had 7 known children; he was around age 60 when he died; Sarah died about 10 years later. This William, son of Col. John Stone, has been erroneously listed in some accounts, as the son of Governor William Stone who was first Governor of Maryland, appointed by Lord Baltimore in 1648 and served in Maryland until 1652, residing there at Poynton Manor. His wife Verlinda was from Virginia, however their children were Richard, Thomas, John, Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine & Matthew - they had no son named William. They did have grandson William born 1666 in Maryland, married Theodosia, died 1730. Estate records show this William Stone married Sarah Howard; he died in 1705 in Virginia.
1. 1704 November 4, North Farnham, Richmond County, Virginia. Will of William Stone. Probated 31 January 1707. Named sons Phillip and Joshua; son-in-law Robert Schofield; grandsons Gregory and John Glascock; wife Sarah as exec; daughters Elizabeth Dawson and Mary Fann; no witnesses listed.
2. 1705 September 5, Order Book 4. William Stone (Jr.) and Elizabeth Stone, two of the children of William Stone, deceased, vs. Sarah, executrix of the said deceased.
3. 1711 July 2, North Farnham, Richmond County, Virginia. Will of Sarah Stone widow and relict of William Stone. Probated 1 May 1717. Named daughter Elizabeth Dawson, wife of William Dawson, a tract of land near the lands of George Glascock and James Tune [containing] 40 acres which said land was bought of my son Philip Stone by the said William Dawson. Wits: Joseph Stone, Thomas Draper, Leonard Hart.
4. 1717 July 5, Estate Inventory of Sarah Stone, widow of William, presented by William Stone (Jr.), exec.
Spouse - Sarah HOWARD
Born - Abt 1645 Richmond County, Virginia
Married - Abt 1669 Richmond County, Virginia
Died - 1717 Richmond County, Virginia.

Joshua STONE
Born - Aft 1665 Richmond County, Virginia. Died - 15 December 1717 Richmond County, Virginia.
1. 1716 September 10 Will of John Mannear, Richmond County, Virginia. Proved 6 November 1717. 50 acres to be equally divided between wife and sons William and Usher [Manear]; daughter Catherine; wife's elder daughter Anne; no exec; wits: William Stone, Joshua Stone, Richard Brown. [Usher, son of John and Anne Manear, was born 31 August 1715, as shown in North Farnham Parish Records, p. 125].
Spouse - Mary CHENEY
Born - Abt 1672 in Virginia
Married - 1715 in Virginia

Phillip STONE
Born - Aft 1667 Richmond County, Virginia Died - Bef 1728/1729 Richmond County, Virginia.
Note - Philip, eldest son and heir-at-law of William Stone lived on Totusky Creek in North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia. In 1706 he gave power of attorney to Thomas Thorne: "These are to will and require you to appeare for me Phillip Stone of the county of Richmond att the court held for the said county next ensueing and then and there to do all such business as shall be for or against me now or hereafter and this shall be your sufficient warrent given under my hand this 1st day of October 1706."
1. 1706 August 6, Richmond County, Virginia. Deed of Philip Stone [& Sarah his wife] as heir of his father William Stone, deceased.
Spouse - Sarah [Stone]

Born - 1671 Richmond County, Virginia Died - 8 January 1726 Richmond County, Virginia.
1. William & Mary Quarterly, Vol. 17, [Ser. 1], pg. 84. William Stone - his will, dated 31 January 1707, lists his wife Sarah and sons Phillip and Joshua. Also son-in-law Robert Schofield, and daughters Elizabeth and Mary, plus his grandson John Glasscock - who was the oldest son of his daughter Sarah, who was not mentioned.
Spouse - Thomas GLASCOCK
Born - 1 June 1662 Farnham Creek, Richmond County, Virginia
Married - Abt 1698 Richmond County, Virginia
Died - 8 January 1725/1726 Fauquier County, Virginia
Son of Gregory Glascock & Mary (Glascock)

Born - 1 June 1662 Farnham Creek, Richmond County, Virginia
Married - Abt 1698 Richmond County, Virginia
Died - 8 January 1725/1726 Fauquier County, Virginia
Son of Gregory Glascock & Mary (Glascock)
1. 1692 June 1, Richmond County, Virginia. Thomas declared "at full age", thus he was born before 1671.
2. "The Glasscock-Glassco Saga" By Lawrence A. Glassco. Thomas & wife Sarah lived on tobacco plantation at Farnham Creek, next creek up the Rappahannock about 3 miles north of "Indian Banks." Thomas was first cousin to Col. George who lived at "Indian Banks."
3. 1704 Deed, Thomas & wife Sarah sold 100 acres of land that had been willed to his late sister, Anne Wilson.
4. 1707 Will of William Stone, Richmond County, Virginia, mentions Thomas' wife Sarah Stone and grandsons John & Gregory Glascock.
5. 1718 He was appointed surveyor in Richmond County.
6. 1719 Will of Eleanor Bryan (mother of Mary Bryan Hightower, wife of John), names Thomas Glascock and Robert Palmer as Witnesses.

7. 1723 November 5, Thomas Glascock "made an assault on the Body of William Forrester by stabbing him with a knife by means whereof the said Forrester Instantly Dyed." He then fled from his home and was never heard of again. His son Gregory, who was 23 at the time, accompanied him on his escape and was later arraigned by a Richmond Court as an accessory after the murder. After the testimony of Gregory and his brothers, John 24, and Thomas Jr. 18, the court found "the principal not being attainted, noe indictment will lye against the Accessory, therefore the said Gregory Glascock is Admitted to Baille."
"Gregory Glascock being examined saith that on the fifth of November last about midnight he set off in a boat with his father, Thomas Glascock from their Landing on Farnham Creek and the next morning his father put him on shoar the other side of the River about five miles below Morattico Creek, and then he travelled to Gloucester Town, and went over the Ferrey to York Town, and from thence went to Hampton Town, and soe went over James River and Landed at one Willsons, and from thence traveled through Norfolk Town and went to a place called Northwest Landing, and then came back about two days before Christmas to the house of one Nehomiah Jones, and from thence made the best of his way home."
The murder and subsequent flight of Thomas (perhaps south to the Carolinas) left his wife, Sarah, with six children on the Farnham Creek property. She maintained it for a time, but later, "King" Robert Carter took possession of the real estate, negroes, and other holdings which was forfeited to the government.
King Carter's Will in 1726 states, "If my son John (Carter) comes to enjoy the said Glascock's lands under a good title that he then further consider the said Glascock's children in such proportion as he shall think fitt, or otherwise gratify them according to his discretion."
Both John & Peter Glascock, sons of Thomas & Sarah, settled on land belonging to John Carter in Prince William County which indicated that Carter did honor the request of his father's will.

8. "Forrester Family" by W. R. Forrester, 1966, p. 226. Thomas Glascock, age 61, murdered 29 year old William Forrester at Thomas' home in Richmond, Virginia. William Forrester, born 1694 Lancaster County, Virginia, (son or grandson of Reginald William Forrester), married Frances Bryant, daughter of Thomas Bryant of Lancaster, on 13 July 1715; marriage witnesses were John Callahan & Richard Lee. (In the 1750 Will of Joseph Palmer, son or Robert Palmer, the witnesses were Charnold Hightower & James Forrester, possibly son of William Forrester. Records strongly indicate that the Glascock, Palmer, Hightower, Bryant & Forrester families were interrelated through marriage).
9. Three records give a Thomas Glascock died 8 January 1724, 8 January 1726, & 8 January 1730 in Fauquier County, Virginia. Another lists Thomas' dates as 1671-1730 with no further information about his place of death.
Spouse - Sarah STONE
Born - 1671 Richmond County, Virginia
Died - 8 January 1726 Richmond County, Virginia
Daughter of William Stone & Sarah Howard

Mary Frances STONE
Note - STONE, Mary Died 20 November 1732 married About 1700 FANN, John (born 1694 died 20 November 1719) married Mary STONE (Abt 1696) CHILDREN Of WILLIAM STONE; Sara Stone b. 1678; Elizabeth Stone b. 1680; Mary Stone b. 1684 md. John Fann; Philip Stone b. 1687; Joshua Stone b. 1689; William Stone b. 1691 VA md. Anne Harrison Richmond Co., VA.
FANN - John FANN b. 1694 d. 20 November 1719 FTM CD #10 md. Mary STONE Children: Winifred FANN b. 20 November 1714 md. William Hames, Jr. 26 November 1730 Richmond Co., VA.
FANN NOTES: There was a William FANN who entered Virginia in 1635 "Cavaliers & Pioneers".
Born - Aft 1672 Richmond County, Virginia
Married - 1704 Richmond County, Virginia
Spouse - John FANN (FAWN)
Born - 1672 Virginia

Daughter STONE
Born - Aft 1674 Richmond County, Virginia
Married - 1696 Richmond County, Virginia
Will of William Stone mentions son-in-law Robert Schofield.
Spouse - Robert Schofield
Born - 1674 - Virginia

William STONE (Jr.)
Born - Abt 1680 Richmond County, Virginia
Married - 4 June 1729 Richmond County, Virginia
Died - 1749 Amelia County, Virginia
Note - William Stone Jr., youngest son of William and Sarah, was named in his mother's Will as Executor. William Stone Jr. and Elizabeth, his wife, left Richmond County and moved to Amelia County, Virginia in 1740. There is a deed recorded for him in Amelia County Court House, dated 15 May 1740. William and Elizabeth Stone died in Amelia County, Virginia. Most of William and Elizabeth's children had married before they left Richmond County and their husbands and wives moved to Amelia County with them. The daughter Katherine later married Charles Connally after her father's death, but it seems that he went to Amelia County from North Farnham Parish also. Their son, Philip Stone left Amelia County about 1750 and went to Johnston County, North Carolina.
1. Will of Sarah Stone names William Stone Jr. as Executor.
2. 1740 May 15, Deed Book I, 1735-1743, pg. 299, Amelia County, Virginia Deed. Thomas Day of Nottoway Parish, Isle of Wright County, Virginia to William Stone of North Farnham Parish in Richmond County, Virginia, 400 acres, 15 May 1740. Deed acknowledged by Thomas Day and ordered recorded.
3. 1741 May 15, Deed Book I, 1735-1743, pg. 297, Amelia County, Virginia. Thomas Day of Nottoway Parish, Isle of Wight County, Virginia to William Stone of North Farnham Parish in Richmond County, Virginia, 400 acres. Consideration, 17 pounds. Wit: none. Bounded in part by a small branch, the County line, and Birchen Swamp. Deed acknowledged by Thomas Day and ordered recorded at Court held 15 May 1741.
4. 1748 December 2, Will Book I, 1735-1761, pg. 55, Amelia County, Virginia. Will of William Stone dated 2 December 1748 and proved 21 April 1749. Witnesses: Dibdall Holt, Hugh Williams, and Poindexter Mosbey. Exor: son-in-law, William Manire and Joseph Harper. Land and all my estate in Northern Neck of Virginia be sold and money equally divided between my children, viz: Ann Manire, Margaret Hammond, Philip Stone, Elizabeth Taylor, Henry Stone, Katherine Stone, Sarah Harper and Lucey Greene. Son Henry: if William Read, father of my son Henry's Wife refuses giving them a legacy or some assistance towards living, then the horse, saddle, and gun given Henry be returned to my other children. 200 acres to Joshua Hightower. Hightower to pay Exor. 20 pounds. William Stone
Spouse - Elizabeth (DENNETT)
Born - 1680 Richmond County, Virginia
Married - 4 June 1729 Richmond County, Virginia.

Born - Abt 1687 Richmond County, Virginia
Married - 1707 in Richmond County, Virginia
1. Will of Sarah Stone Written 2 July 1711 and Probated 1 May 1717 Richmond County, Virginia. Item. I give unto my Daughter Elizabeth Dawson now wife of William Dawson, All that parcell or tract of Land lying and bounding to follow, viz. Beginning at the corner position on birth of a Tract of Land Belonding to George Glascock in an guilfoil by the mill roads and running along of the said roads northerly until it moats to the Line of James Tune, thence Easterly along James Tune's line until it moats to the said George Glascock's line, thence his bounds to the place it being bounded by Estrucan Mosby, be it more or be it less which said land was bought of my son Phillip Stone by the said William Dawson as by Goods or his hand may appear which Land. .....
Item I give to my Son William Stone all the rest of my Estate both room and parcel of what kind or quality so over to him his heires and assignees for Ever. ... And Lastly my Will and pleasure is that my said Son William shall be my whole and soule Executor of this my last Will and Testament. Sarah (X) Stone Her Mark.
Spouse - William DAWSON
Born - Abt 1687 Richmond County, Virginia

Philip STONE
Note - Philip Stone was born on Totuskey Creek in Richmond County, Virginia. He moved with his father, William Stone Jr. to Amelia County, Nottaway Parish, Virginia. His next stop was Johnston County, North Carolina. Johnston County, North Carolina was divided and his land fell into Dobbs County, North Carolina. He is listed in the 1769 Dobbs County North Carolina Tax List along with his son, Austin Stone. Martin Stone is on the same 1769 Dobbs County, North Carolina Tax List. Dobbs County, North Carolina was abolished in 1791. Dobbs County was divided into several counties--Green, Duplin Counties. The county names kept changing. Records for these counties were destroyed by fire. Some records were found in Raleigh, North Carolina for over 2,500 acres. Philip Stone may have come to Georgetown, South Carolina about 1774. He died before 1780 in Georgetown, South Carolina. Austin Stone, son of Philip Stone is listed in the 1790 Georgetown South Carolina Census with 2 free white males of 16 years and upwards, 4 free white males under 16 years, and 5 free white females. William Stone is listed in the same 1790 Georgetown, South Carolina Census with 1 free white male of 16 years and upwards, 2 free white males under 16 years, and 2 free white females.